United Makeup Artists Expo

Andrew and me

I had such a brilliant time at the UMAE on Saturday that I returned on Sunday with my favourite makeup artist, Andrew Gallimore. We enjoyed every second, leaving with bags full of useful tools and products and heads full of inspiration as well as admiration for the talent we witnessed. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with people who make the makeup, support the artists, act as mentors and write about them – good to meet up again with Emma from www.warpaintmag.com which is now a blog-zine.

Charles Foxchange your life product

We spent a lot of time with the Charles Fox crew, who really know their stuff, and who have recently started looking after Screenface too, where the wonderful Irene is in charge. Paul Merchant, their PR, is also a makeup artist so he knows what he’s talking about. Apparently the makeup blend by Kryolan (pictured above) is a ‘change your life’ product – you can sheer out dermacolour and it helps to rejuvenate dry areas on the face, such as around the nostrils when foundation has ‘caked’. www.charlesfox.co.uk

craft and graft Monsterpalooza

I loved watching makeup artists practice their art and craft… with special effects makeup, it’s more like graft! Quite humbling to see how much work is involved with prosthetics and body painting. I think sometimes we have it relatively easy in fashion, as you don’t have to be as methodical or disciplined as in film or tv. One of my favourite makeups of the day was on George (below), son of Victoria Lee at Charles Fox. He was made up on their stand by talented Mona Turnbull (www.littleprecious.co.uk). I also loved the skull face makeup by Rachel on the M.A.C Pro stand, and it’s good news that you can now order Pro products online from www.maccosmetics.co.uk

George Foxskull face


male makeup upJT Makeup Studio

I enjoyed bumping into David Horne (hausofhorne@yahoo.com), makeup artist, creator and mentor, who has always been very generous with his ideas. He was there to launch his new makeup book, The Art of Male Makeup, in collaboration with makeup artist Mark T Bowles (above). They shot this ‘visual statement’ in just one week, representing a portrayal of the male in makeup in a non feminized manner. Also Julia Townend, who is such a great supporter of makeup artists and offers short courses in body painting, airbrushing and career development (email JTMakeupUK.gmail.com). Plus she’s got jars of chunky body glitter and metallic leaf, which made Andrew very happy.

Artistry Network waterArtistry Network

We were becoming quite thirsty at this point, so it was a relief to see Caroline and Louise of the Artistry Network, who sensibly provided water in chic, personalised bottles. They have set up a website to help makeup artists create online portfolios, manage their invoicing and generally guide them through the industry. If you’re starting out or already established and need extra help or advice, sign up to www.theartistrynetwork.com.

short apronmakeup artist not magician

I was impressed by makeup artist Emily Jane and her range of tool belts, kit bags and aprons – I bought two of the above (short!) one washable and one wipeable. I’ll certainly be returning to the website to order more (www.theEMJcompany.com) as she makes the biggest brush belt I’ve ever seen! There were so many interesting stands at the UMAE that I’m not going to mention them all, but please check out the website www.umae.co.uk where you can read about the events, attendees and speakers – Oscar winning makeup artists who worked on films and tv shows such as Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mrs Doubtfire, Aliens, Dracula, the Dallas Buyers Club, Oz, Star Trek and Doctor Who to name but a few. You can also buy Tshirts, hoodies and capes with makeup slogans printed on them (like the one above… I’m fond of saying, “It’s a brush, not a magic wand!) Many congratulations to organiser Chris McGowan for having the vision and energy to pull such an intimate and professional exhibition together. I’ll certainly be visiting again next year…



Our Time

Lily Allen’s new video shows that she’s a cracking actress as well as writer and singer. It’s very, very funny and you can see it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfACIxjsuu0

Three Lilies

Lily plays herself as four different Lilies and we had fun creating the different personas with hairdresser Ali Pirzadeh, stylist Richard Sloane and creative director Aimee Phillips. Well, as much fun as you can have in a wet car park on a cold November day, waiting for it to get dark! My assistants Hannah Paul and Lucy Pearson helped to keep things jolly and Lily ordered an extra wardrobe van so that we weren’t too squashed.

Lily Lily 2

Innocent LilyLary LilyHot Dog Lily

The climax of the video is a fight scene when fancy dress Lily (dressed as a hot dog) and lary Lily have a cat fight outside a chip shop, but I must admit to having a soft spot for innocent Lily (seen smoking above, which is ironic as the real Lily has given up!)

Now we have the launch of her new album SHEEZUS to look forward to, on April 28th.