London Fashion Week AW14 Step by Steps

All products by Maybelline NY. Makeup and photos by Team Dowsett.


TODD LYNN – ‘Ready for battle in clothes that are unconventionally layered, inspiring unconventional placement of makeup.’
1. Create a flawless base with Superstay Better Skin Foundation and Concealer. Nourish lips with Baby Lips Quenched.
2. Apply Color Tattoo in Turquoise Forever on the inner corner of brow bone, working up to brow, using your finger.
3. Apply Eyestudio Mono Lagoon Blue with the ‘dolly dabber’ to build up intensity of colour.
4.Use a socket brush to fade the Lagoon Blue towards the nose and out to the temples.
5. With another socket brush, intensify with Eyestudio Mono Couture Blue.
6. Apply Big Eyes Mascara to top lashes only.
7. Mix Baby Lips with White Kohl to give luminosity high on cheekbones.


RICHARD NICOLL – ‘Sporty Lady. A small, simple detail that’s just right: a blocked off, horizontal, light metallic eyeliner.’
1. Create a flawless base using Baby Skin and Better Skin Concealer. Nourish lips with Baby Lips Quenched.
2. Apply surgical tape to map out a straight eye liner.
3. Use Color Tattoo in a metal chosen for the model’s skin tone, stopping short just past the last lash and angling up to under the tape.
4. Fill in brows with Master Drama Brow Pencil and groom into place.
5. Apply Dream Touch Blush in Apricot to the apples of the cheeks.
6. Pat Color Sensational Stripped Nudes in Honey Beige or Naked Brown onto the lips, dependent on model’s skin tone.
7. Apply Fit Me powder to reduce shine on the T-zone.


ASHISH – ‘Teenage prom princess (she likes pink!) who gets dragged through a hedge backwards on her way home…’
1. Apply Better Skin Foundation and Concealer.
2. Line outside V of eyes with Master Chromatics Magic Magenta.
3. Highlight inner corners with Master Chromatics Vibrant Gold.
4. Whiten balls of eyes with Big Eyes Pencil using finger.
5. Add same white pencil to the water rim.
6. Add a light touch of Color Tattoo in Endless Purple to white on balls of eyes (creating a luminous lilac).
7. Apply a sheer round wing of Hot Plum Color Sensational Lipstick to outer eyes with finger. A cloud of colour!
8. Give model her own Big Eyes Mascara and ask her to apply top and bottom. Lots!
9. Use a foundation brush to place Dream Touch Blush in Berry high on cheeks.
10. Intensify Blush with Fuschia Flash Color Sensational Lipstick.
11. Highlight tops of cheekbones with Baby Lips Pink Punch or Berry Bomb, dependent on skin tone.
12. Dab Fuchsia Flash Color Sensational on lips and gloss over with gloss.
13. Powder T-zone and add more concealer under eyes.


OSMAN – ‘Young jet-set bohemian with an opulent eye. A modern day Cleopatra. She’s expensive!’
1. Conceal imperfections with Baby Skin and Better Skin Concealer.
2. Create a rounded, elongated wing shape on the lid with Master Kajal in Lapis Blue.
3. Intensify with Eyestudio Mono in Couture Blue.
3. Line under eyes and stretch out with Master Kajal in Gold.
4. Apply Baby Lips in Quenched to the cheekbones to highlight and to lips to nourish.
5. Coat top lashes with Great Lash Mascara.
6. Powder the T-zone with suitable Fit Me Powder.


Air Balloon Beauty

It’s been such a busy year that I haven’t had time to blog but I couldn’t resist this picture of Lily Allen with furry friend from her recent video shot in Cape Town, South Africa. She was very brave cuddling up to a predator and also sat aside a zebra! You can see the video at

Lily and cheetah

Lily had been on holiday and developed a gorgeous tan, which we enhanced with Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow. I smudged a thin line of black kohl pencil on her upper lashes, using old favourite Feline from M.A.C. I applied a natural set of Eyelure lashes and because her fringe was long, I brought attention to her lower lash line in a ‘fresh’ way, by placing small dots of black eyeliner (Maybelline NY’s Master Duo was perfect because it has an integral applicator that ends in a small ball). First of all I was going to keep the lips balmed, but couldn’t resist the bright pop of M.A.C’s Candy Yum Yum. Lily can certainly carry colour! She’s great fun to work with and has a gorgeous face, and I especially like doing her makeup when she’s relaxed (or asleep…)

Lily asleep

It was very hot (96 degrees!) and we were working outside in the wilderness. When you’re on location you have to consider products other than makeup – sun protection, insect repellent – and skin care needs to cover more eventualities than usual (cooling aftersun and anti-histamine cream).

Cape Town location

I use Garnier’s Ambre Solaire range (and take enough bottles for the crew!) plus a great spray on insect repellent I found online (Repel 55 from that makes the skin gleam as well as protecting it from bites. The last thing you want is to be covering up any extra redness.

Cape Town set up

You also have to work in a tight space so every product has to count. Above you will see my favourites and fundamentals including my Dermacolour palette from Charles Fox ( where I also bought my trusty kit bag (pictured below) which I never travel without!

tool belt and bag