Lily’s Look


Congratulations to Lily for her number one status! I really enjoyed doing the makeup for her video because she loves a look. Fresh skin can carry dramatic eyes and Lily can work a flash lip too… fluorescent orange for a loud mouth pictured here but we had four lip looks on the day, including clear gloss, midnight navy and shimmering pink. The eyes stayed the same – nothing catches the light better than crystals. They’re easy and effective once you get the hang of it and like eyeliner, worth practising. Dot a little eyelash glue on lids and apply crystals one by one with a dampened cotton bud. Pop videos entail long days but they’re fun, and I loved working with the talented hairdresser Alex Brownsell, stylist Richard Sloane and nail technician extraordinaire, Michelle Humphrey. We team up together for Maybelline NY so she’s a real creative collaborateur. We’re looking forward to whatever Lily wants next…